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Welcome to the Assessment and Student Resource Library
Assessment Library Hours for Spring 2020 are the following:
Monday & Wednesday 8am-3pm

Before you stop by:
If you know what assessments you are looking to check-out, please email beforehand at assessmentlibraryucd@gmail.com with the assessment name and time you are planning on stopping by. You can view the assessments in the catalog (links on the right: Complete Content List). This helps speed up the process and ensures that the assessment of interest is available.
*Click the link for the checkout agreement and complete*

Checking Out Assessments:
Assessments can be checked out for up to three weeks, though students are encouraged to bring back assessments as soon as they are finished. If you need a particular assessment, please send an email with your request. The assessments and all necessary protocols can be left for pickup at the Academic Services Desk on the 7th floor of the Lawrence Street Center, which is open until 4:30pm Monday-Thursday. Alternatively, you can come directly to the AL during the hours posted above.

Renewing Assessments:
If you would like to renew an assessment please send a request to assessmentlibraryucd@gmail.com.

Returning Assessments:
See the schedule above for times when assessments can be returned to the Assessment Library. If the AL is closed, you can return materials to the Academic Services Office located in the Lawrence Street Center on the 7th Floor. Be sure to let the assessment librarian know that you have left materials with Academic Service Personnel by email at assessmentlibraryucd@gmail.com.
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